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Unforgettably Good Tomato Soup

This recipe is one that I developed over a five year period in the mid 1980s. It always features whenever I have visitors for lunch - accompanied with home made crusty bread rolls, pan fried croutons and finely chopped parsley. The recipe, once bottled, is very concentrated and so it can be diluted with water to suit the palate. I find that 20 - 30 per cent water is about right for most people. It never fails to attract admiring compliments and a request for the recipe!

As an added bonus, because of it's richness it can be used to make baked beans or spaghetti in tomato sauce.

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  • 3 kg Tomatoes (The redder and riper the better)
  • 300g Onions
  • 150g Sugar
  • 150g Bacon pieces
  • ½ tsp whole pickling spice (include one dried chilli pepper
  • 1 tsp Paprika
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Pinch of sage
  • 2 Tbsp salt
  • (If no chili pepper used add ¼ tsp white pepper)


    1. Cook tomatoes in next to no water (barely enough to cover bottom of pan). Put all ingredients in together with tomatoes and cook until tender. Remove from heat and cool enough to vitamise. Vitamise all ingredients until smooth. Strain through a fine strainer (push through with a spatula) to remove seeds, etc. Thicken with 5 Tbsp cornflour dissolved in water. Bottle as per usual.
    2. This recipe makes 5 ½ small preserving jars.
    4. 1 kg Haricot beans.
    5. Soak beans overnight in three times the volume of water to beans. Drain and add fresh water. Simmer for 1 ½ hours or until soft. Drain and add to tomato soup recipe above with a few cooked bacon pieces if liked.
    6. For individual baked beans add 185 g beans per small jar of soup.
    8. 1 kg spaghetti.
    9. Cook spaghetti separately per packet instructions. Drain and toss in oil before adding to tomato soup recipe above
    10. For individual spaghetti add 185 g spaghetti per small jar of soup
    Serves Cooking Time Prep Time
    One jar serves three people From the jar,only a few minutes to heat piping hot Only ten minutes to open jar, make croutons and ch

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