Shepard, from Redcliffs...

Sizzlers 101

Head down to your local Super Value or Fresh Choice ( See what I did there ) Pick up a 6 pack of ya favourite sizzlers. Now be warned these are never where you think they are in the super market, you'd think they would be in the meat section, but you're wrong they are usually by the milk. I'm usually fond of the double cheese variety.

Wrap your laughing gear around this!!

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  • 1 Packet of Sizzlers


  1. Turn on your BBQ
  2. Crack a beer
  3. Get the hot plate to a good temp.
  4. Ask your Mrs politely to butter some bread
  5. Find the sauce
  6. Drop the sizzlers onto the BBQ cook evenely
  7. Have a quick bite on the snag
  8. If cheese is oozing you're onto a winner
  9. Put inside bread & Sauce
Serves Amount
2 6 Sausages



You little ripper! Very funny recipe. Good job :)


I'll vote for that. You forgot Step 10. Crack another beer.


Dude you're like 6 months old. What are your parents thinking??

Phil from Redcliffs

Hey, you'll be giving Redcliffs males a bad forgot the coleslaw

jeanette colebaker

Forgot the fried onions.


Make sure the tomato sauce is Wattie's.

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