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John's Ultimate Protein Post Workout Shake

This is a delicious, nutritious protein shake which I take everyday after my workouts. Has a combination or protein and slow burning carbs to get your muscles the nutrients they need.

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  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Plain Rolled Oats
  • Banana
  • Protein Powder
  • Frozen Berries


    1. Pour desired amount of low fat milk (yellow top) into your blender. Crack one egg into blender. Add a cup of plain rolled oats. Add one banana. Add 2 scoops of Vanilla, bannana, or strawberry protein powder. Add a handful of frozen berries. Blend until everything is mixed. Enjoy
    Serves Prep Time
    2 4 mins


    Gym Enthusiast

    Cheers for that john - i really enjoyed this recipe. it helped me get the edge i need for those long hours under the bench with the lads.


    No worries! glad you enjoyed it!

    Buff Boi

    Thanks John, that shake is amazing!


    Cheers for this recipe john - I actually tried it the other day with chocolate protein powder and was pretty sweet as with this combination as well. Got my vote, much healthier than the other recipes!

    Willy Wonker

    Wow! Thanks John, that was a fantastic little treat after a sweaty session at the gym, maybe we could get together sometime and enjoy a workout, shake and a gossip session!

    Kickboxing Pete

    Hi there. Are there any guarantees this shake will give me the same hulking physique as you?


    Hey people, glad your all enjoying the shake!
    just a special mention for kickboxing pete, there are many things that go into creating a great physique, you cant rely on just one variable.


    woa...The force is strong with this one.

    try hard dieter

    I am allergic to eggs. Do you reckon it would be just as good without the eggs? Would try it but would hate to waste the ingredients and make a sucky shake.


    Hi John, i hate to fault you on your recipe, however i cant help but notice this recipe does not deviate much from the many other recipes i have already seen on numerous web sites, magazines and even juice bars. Firstly i would love some measurements so that i do not over kill on the protein power or for that matter RAW egg! And secondly what makes this recipe better or different from others???


    Hey confused - you just need to check his directions it says the amounts - one egg and 2 scoops of protein powder. Protein powder comes with a scoop in the pack.

    Thanks John I'm too lazy to workout but your shake sounds nice :)


    The "measurements" as you say (however in the bodybuilding circle we tend to say "scoops" but il go with "meaurements") will vary depending on what type of protein powder you have, its as easy as reading the back of the protein container and applying as much as recommended by the particular brand. I'm not to sure why you need measurements for a raw egg? you only need to look at the other recipes to see why mine differs from the common "cake" or "fritter" recipe.

    thanks for your interest.


    not too sure how kiwi this recipe is? how about a raw pav smoothy?


    I agree with 'Confused???', this recipe is pretty standard for a protein smoothie, and dangerous due to the raw egg. By the looks of the other comments though, he has a lot of gym buddies voting for him... figures!


    Ha ha the haters aye. They are prob jealous coz they would like to have decent physiques. Go hard John

    Dom Goddess

    Paul and "Confused", you do not need to be such worry warts re raw egg. In New Zealand we do not have the same concerns regarding raw egg consumption as they do in England where I believe they have an issue with salmonella.


    Worry wart, well I think that came with my microbiology degree... You shouldn't be so cavalier with regards to food safety!


    There has never been a documented case of salmonella found inside a New Zealand egg. Yes there may be some on the shell, but if you are careful you should be fine. I Love protein smoothies, but sorry John I HATE banana in them. I find it dominates the other flavors to much. I would opt for unsweetened stewed rhubarb instead.


    fair enough bakerbron, the only thing with rhubard is its leaves contain poisonous substances, including oxalic acid which is a nephrotoxic and corrosive acid, i realise this is present in many plants but i just dont want to take the risk or advise people to use that ingredient when its not necessary. Also its nutritional values arn't substantial enough to make a good post workout shake, a 100g serving of rhubarb contains 93.6g of water, i mean whats the point? especially unsweeted rhubarb, theres no taste!

    Kickboxing Pete

    Hey there John,

    I have been taking this shake since it was first posted and all I can say is WOW. After my strenuous kickboxing classes and heavy weight sessions I often felt drained and worn out. But after taking this shake I feel energised and ready to go and have noticed I have put on around 1.5kg of muscle. It really is a perfect combination of nutritional value to top level athletes such as myself. cheers John

    Katie (shape competitor)

    I have had protein shakes for years and your recipe is great..however to be fair this is not what I would give to friends and family at the dinner table? Surely you must have a chicken breast recipe up your sleeve since your into your bodybuilding? Wish you luck with that but not so much on the protein shake recipe for this particular contest.


    Glad to hear your making inroads kickboxing Pete!
    thanks for the support Katie, i take your point on.
    but hey everyones different right? perhaps u could share with us one of your chicken breast recipes?


    Hi John, thanks for sharing this recipe. I found it a fantastic after a stint on my rowing machine. My 18 month old twin boys begged me for a taste and they loved it!!! I was a bit cautious at letting them try it but thought at the time why not! As it turns out I was talking with their doctor and he thought it was a great thing for them to have in small doses.


    Thats great to hear Lizzie! never to young to start on the protein shakes, glad to hear you enjoyed the shake!

    Jason Brajkovic

    Gday there. As a 'hard gainer' I find it hard to put on any size. However since taking this great tasting shake after my workouts I have noticed some serious gains= I can now even see some vains in my arms. I also tried it with brocolli in. While it may sound yuck it actually adds a nice zing to it. Great stuff mate.


    May I also recommend a sausage roll as a replacement for the frozen berries in this recipe.

    Haydn Daniels

    Hey there john, im looking a little tubby in the mirror, especially round the mid section, any chance of a low fat shake?


    Surely this cant be the Haydn Daniels from Tony Martins Sports Connection Gym. He doesnt have an ounce of fat on em. Great to see the hard gainers using this shake. A maccas apple pie also works well as a substitute for or as a compliment to the berrys. cheers

    Simon "super flex" Emett

    As some one who takes pried in my physique im proud to say i owe 60% of it to your shake, after lifting some serious metal and striding up n down "the ramp" theres nothing that satisfies more than your shake. so wud just love to say thank you!!


    by taking this shake can I become a big as kickboxing pete?

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