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Fabulous, Fruity, Flap-Jack Feasts

These delights are better than biscuits, better than muesli bars but they attract visitors from miles away. After lunch, for a snack or in picnics they are perfect.

All quantities are very flexible and alternatives can be used with gay abandon. The main items are the butter, sugar and oats which hold the other ingredients together.

So easy and every batch is deliciously different. Healthy and all the family can enjoy them.

I started making these to take up Mount Robert for Ski trips but they were so delicious they are now a daily imperative!

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  • Half a block of butter (can use some oil too)
  • Cup of sugar and/or T. syrup and/or T. treacle and/or T. honey and/or T. peanut butter
  • Cup raisins and/or currants, chopped dates, figs, apricots etc
  • Liberal amounts of your favourite herbs/spices : eg:
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger ( I always use heaps! )
  • Cinnamon
  • Caraway
  • Star Aniseed [Fish out before adding oats]
  • Half [?] a cup of : eg:
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Chopped ginger
  • Sunflower seeds or other seeds [sesame, linseed]
  • Glacé cherries
  • Lots of oats - - see recipe below


    1. Recipe
    2. Melt half a block of butter in a large pan with the sugar and sweeteners. While the mixture is gently cooking stir in the other ingredients except the oats.
    3. Switch off the heat.
    4. Finally stir in oats by the half cupful till the mixture is almost dry. You will be surprised how much oats you will add, probably about 4 cupfuls. The last amount added will concern you as you may think it is too much and that the mixture is too dry but on further stirring it will become part of the claggy mass… that is enough!
    5. Put into a large flat baking tray [I use the kind which has two sliding halves] and press flat with an egg flip or spatula. Cut in biscuit lines and, if you want, sprinkle with desiccated coconut. Bake in medium oven for 22-25 minutes. When you pull it out go over the biscuit lines so that when it sets to delicious concrete it breaks along the lines. Leave to really cool. Good luck….
    Amount Cooking Time Prep Time
    32 biscuits 23minutes 15 minutes

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