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Scrummy Ambrosia

This is meant to be eaten with your fav steak meal but the kids enjoy it as a dessert

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  • 1kg of your fav yogurt (mine is strawberry)
  • 500mls cream
  • 1pkt marshmallows
  • 1 punnet Strawberries (go with the flavor yogurt you used e.g peaches for a peach yogurt)


    1. Slice strawberries and cut marshmallows in half
    2. Whip cream till you get soft peaks
    3. Add yogurt and mix till well combined
    4. Add marshmallows and fruit
    5. Leave in fridge to set for a minimum of 4-5 hours (best overnight) or just till marshmallows have softened
    Serves Cooking Time Prep Time
    6-8 4hours - 1 day 10mins



    add chopped pineapple lumps in this as well it is yum

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