Kristie, from Albany...

Kristie's Ultimate White Choc Passionfruit Mudcake!

This mudcake is absolutely divine - a gooey and decadent dessert which has been served many times and always to rave reviews - and often a request for the recipe!

The passion fruit adds a different dimension to the cake which enhances the flavour without taking away from the white chocolate taste. Can be made without passionfruit, simply substitute the syrup for 1/4 cup extra sugar and 50ml extra water.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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  • Cake:
  • 250 grams butter, chopped
  • 250 grams white chocolate
  • 150 ml water
  • 1 cup caster sugar
  • 50ml Tasti passion fruit in Syrup
  • 1 3/4 cups plain flour
  • 1 cup self raising flour
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • Ganache:
  • 100 ml full fat cream
  • 250 grams white chocolate
  • 130mls (or to taste) 'Tasti' Passion fruit in sweetened syrup.


    1. Cake:
    2. Preheat oven to 150 °
    3. Place first four ingredients in a saucepan over a low heat and stir until all ingredients are melted and combined. Take off heat and leave to cool for 10 minutes.
    4. Sift both flours together and add to cooled chocolate mixture, beat gently.
    5. Stir in eggs, sweetened condensed milk and passonfruit syrup.
    6. Pour the mixture into a deep round dish (20-22cm is ideal) and cook for 1 hour - cooking times can vary greatly between ovens so keep checking with a toothpick.
    7. Leave to cool completely before turning out and icing with passion fruit and white chocolate ganache.
    8. Ganache:
    9. Using a double boiler system (a glass bowl sitting in a pot with 2 inches or so of water on a low heat works just as well) pour cream into the bowl and heat on a low temperature for 5 mins.
    10. While waiting for cream to heat, grate chocolate as this speeds up the melting process once in the cream.
    11. Once cream is heated add grated chocolate and stir until melted and slightly thickened.
    12. Take off heat - add passionfruit syrup. Leave to cool for 15 mins (at least) before putting on cake. I find that once it fully cools it goes thick very quickly so it is best to work quickly once you see this happening. To speed up the process you could put it in the fridge but I find this sometimes takes the glossy look away from the ganache.
    13. Enjoy!
    Serves Cooking Time Prep Time
    12 1- 1/2 hours depending on oven 40 mins


    Matt Wilson

    That sounds like a pretty amazing cake!


    I have to say it definitely is! Thanks to everyone for their support - anything won will be going towards a fence/paint for our first home which we just purchased! :)


    You better make that for me when I come over and stay (for a few years!).


    Well what can i say but a superb and delicious recipe and i hope you win the competition.


    You've got the cooking times perfect! I made the cake today and it was the most moist and gooey cake I have ever had!! The more passionfruit and white choc in the ganache the better imo!


    Thanks to my fantastic friends, family, workmates and anyone else who has voted for the huge amounts of support! Can't believe the response but by the looks of things I owe people quite a few cakes haha!


    This is such a yummy cake. Always bugging Kristie to make one when she comes around. Def a favourite of mine. Will be getting her to bake this cake for me to take to social events- and will say I made it myself. thats how good it is


    Are you making one of these for Sarah's wedding?


    Haha Colin, unfortunately not I'm afraid! Will probably make our own wedding cake when the time comes though if you fancy making the trip to NZ! Thanks for your vote!


    Sounds awesome, you've inspired to make one!


    i made this cake for my dad's bday last week... it was so simple to make, and waaaaay too easy to eat hehe very very yummy!


    Kristie makes the most amazing baking and is always dropping around her latest creation. This is one of my favourite recipes of hers which she has made for ages and was inspired by the passion fruit vine in their backyard. During summer she uses fresh passion fruit which is even better, go Kristie!


    Amazing cake! Hope you're going to make it for my birthday. One for me and one for everybody else! I could easily get through one of these haha

    Gina Morris

    This cake is really great and as Glenda said, the fresh home grown passion fruit from our garden adds that extra little something. Even the hard to please guest enjoy it tremendously.

    Dianne Berwick

    Made it - sounded good but guests couldn't handle it. Too sickly.

    Ruby Jackson

    Is this a New Zealand recipe or an Australian one?


    Thats a shame Dianne, not everyone's going to like it but thanks for trying. For anyone else with the same issue you could try leaving the ganache off, or substituting the condensed milk for unsweetened natural yoghurt possibly? I'm a New Zealander who concocted it so yes, its a New Zealand recipe!

    Paul Jobin

    I was mighty intrigued to see how this yummy sounding cake could so many votes - stay tuned, it has just come out of the oven after 1hour 15 minutes sitting pretty on a cooling rack, will report back on the taste test


    WOW thanks for testing Paul, am looking forward to hearing how you find it. For an extra passionfruit hit (depends on who I'm making it for!) I sometimes poke holes through the cake with a skewer and pour some passionfruit syrup over and leave to sit for an hour or so before the ganache goes on. Am waiting "patiently" to see how you find it! :)

    Paul Jobin

    Are you sitting on the side of your seat Kristie? Let the drum roll begin. Interesting preparation with the chocolate, sugar, water and butter. You right it has to been just warm till all is emulsified together so it doesn't make the fold of the flours go goopy. It rose well, had a buttered non-stick paper on the bottom of the pan and greased and floured the sides of the pan so the cake would turn out cleanly - which it did. My springform tin was far to big for the mixture. The texture is fantastic! it does need fresh passionfruit in place of the TASTI brand so it has more acidity and zing - maybe addition of lemon zest would help. But hey, this is a great recipe and stores well too - Well Done you!! PJ


    I certainly was Paul, this page got refreshed a fair few times today! I hear your points re the fresh passionfruit, its what I use during summer but this is my year round version of the recipe. I made another today for a friends birthday (hi Danilo!) but will try some lemon zest next time around. I'm really glad you liked it and thanks again for giving it a try! :)


    So i am expecting nothing less than a perfect cake aye :P hahahaha thanks Kristie and good luck .


    Hi Kristie due to the amazing comments about this cake i am going to have to try this, I am a Baker for Fresh Choice in Takaka so ill let you know how it turns out


    This cake was made on my birthday by the awesome baker Kristie. To be very honest the cake was divine. I loved everything about the cake. The texture was good, taste was divine , presentation of the cake was superb and so on. I wasn't the only one who agreed with me . the 14 people who attended my party said that " Kristies cake was to die for ". I can't do anything but applaud . Good job kristie and it was an honor to be able to taste the number cake :D


    Hi Kristy this cake is in a couple of words just the best well done and i will be making this cake many more times to come


    Hi Aaron, thanks heaps for trying it. I'm really glad you liked it, especially as by the sounds of it you're a bit of an expert! Great to see people giving it a go, thanks again :)


    Hiya - just a quick question! If I make this the night before, should I put it in the fridge over night (with the cream in the icing)? Thanks :)


    Hi Kelly, I was worried about this when I first tried ganache too but I have left it out many times and had no problems, heres some advice taken from

    "Doesn’t the cream go off when you leave the ganache out?

    When you make ganache, you boil the cream, this alters the structure of the cream and once you add the chocolate to it, it can be kept much longer"

    Thanks for giving my recipe a try! :)

    Chef Paul Jobin

    Great question Kelly, if you feel nervous about ganache made with cream, you can boil condensed milk and whisk the chocolate into it to make a ganache. Kristie's awesome cake tastes best at room temperature or without the ganache topping, heated at slightly in the microwave. PJ


    Hey Kristie,

    Just to update you - I made the cake on Friday for my partner's birthday and it was delicious! Needless to say between two of us we managed to polish it off by Sunday - oops!

    Thanks for the recipe - I will be adding it to my favourite's :)


    Thanks for the update Kelly, am really glad you liked it, its good hearing other peoples feedback. I agree its very addictive,my partner loves white choc too! Hope your partner had a nice birthday!

    Chef M Olsen

    Hi there Kristie. I am a chef and decided to start trying some of the various recipes on here. I started off by pitting one vs. two in the cake ranks. You will be pleased to learn that based on customer feedback your cake was clearly the higher rated of the two. Feedback included: delicious, sweet but not sickly, and a great texture. Well done Kristie this cake has my seal of approval and I will be making it for years to come I'm sure. Cheers Chef Matt


    Sounds great, am going to try it for my daughters Baby Shower. A hint for those who like a less sweet recipe - I often add a couple of pinches of citric acid to a recipe, it doesn't change the texture or consistency (as lemon juice might), just reduces the sweetness.

    soc butterfly

    you make me one o them and I'll come help with your garden for a day ;)


    Hi Kristie
    I have made this cake 3 times and my family just love it! The last time I used the whole jar of passionfruit ( 230mls) instead of the water and it was so yummy - didn't need the ganache, just a serving of greek yoghurt as you suggest to top it off. Well done you!


    Don't think it's supposed to look like this...


    Oh dear!! It seems to have risen much more than it's supposed to- if anything mine sometimes ends up a little bit dented in the middle. Am really not sure what to suggest apart from making sure that the flour used is as above with less self raising than plain flour. Sorry it didn't work out for you! Mine look like this:


    I may of cooked it a little too long as mine was not as moist looking as yours, still tasted good though.The ganache wouldnt set as I didnt have quite enough white chocolate left so I used a bit less passionfruit.Will try making it again.

    Chef Paul Jobin

    J.M.L - I have viewed your image of your cake. There is a couple of reasons why a cake erupts in the middle as yours has done. The flour component in the cake is whipped too much into the wet ingredients; the cake batter has caught to the side of the cake tin with no non-stick paper lining or the lining hasn't been greased. Giving the cake a 'rap' on the bench surface can knock out extra trapped air (don't do this to a sponge though that is made with egg whites!). The icing looks as though it was covered over when it was too hot. Always place the cake over a wire rack to allow excess icing to drain through and give you a nice finish on the sides. Take the drained icing, that would have cooled (and doesn't have too many crumbs in)and pour back over the cake. Hope this sheds some light?


    It can't serve 12 if I'm taking part,
    especially after an indoor soccer game


    Hi Kristie, I am making your cake this afternoon after reading all the great reviews it has!! Will let you know how it turns out.. Cant wait to try it :D


    I made this cake yesterday - it is really yummy. I would recommend it to everyone. I did overcook it a little as I was waiting for the skewer to come out
    completely clean. Ss long as the skewer is is not gooey I think I would take the cake from the oven sooner.


    I gave this cake a go last night and have left it to cool over night...reading other readers comments I took it out at 1hr 15 even though it was still pretty gooey in the middle, I think next time I may leave it in for 1.5hrs at 150 or even 160 as its pretty dense and raw in the middle. Other than that boy these flavours are AMAZING!!!

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