Baking & Desserts

Sweet or savory. Things to go with a cuppa or a sneaky treat. Pudding, pikelets , biscuits, muffins, scones, slices, loafs, sweets, bread, tart, flans. ice-cream , cheesecakes, soufflés and mousses. Baked delights!

1 2147 The Ultimate Chocolate Brownie ... With Raspberries (If You're Feeling Extra Flashy)
2 1526 Kristie's Ultimate White Choc Passionfruit Mudcake!
3 995 The Best Cake In The World
4 560 Lemon Meringue Cheesecake
5 454 Summer Ragga-Muffins

Main Meals

Any main meal from roasts, casseroles and stews, stirfrys to lasagna or macaroni cheese, BBQ favourites, hamburgers, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Indian …..and not to forget Kiwi tucker. Pukka pies, pizzas, pasta, everlasters. Any ingredients, meat or meatless, just the main meal of the day.

1 408 Chicken Italiano
2 214 Flintstone Ribs
3 156 Voila Fettuccine
4 57 Mustard Chicken
5 53 Potatoes A La Mount Cook

Snacks & Light Meals

Side dishes meat, seafood or vegetarian. Salads, green, white, any colour, vegetable or fruit or vegetable and fruit! Chips, fritters, quiche light snacks for the chilly bin or lunch box sarnies or sammies which ever way you cut it!

1 691 John's Ultimate Protein Post Workout Shake
2 252 Exceptionally Moreish Caramel Popcorn
3 97 Swiss Muesli
4 76 Delectable Goats Cheese, Olive And Tomato Tart
5 53 Pandoori Potatoes

Starters & Extras

Morning to meal starters plus those little extras that add flavour. Muesli, pancakes, porridge, morning cook up eg eggs bene. Soups, finger food, fancy entertaining thingies, dips, spreads marinades, salad dressing, sauces, chutneys, pate. Preserving i.e. fruit, jams, (smoothies, juices, party drinks.)

1 333 The Fluffiest Pancake Ever
2 149 Delicious Leek & Potato Soup!
3 129 Sunrise Surprise
4 124 Smoked Cheese Ball
5 84 Mmmmini Savoury Morsels

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