The Precise Science of Plating

30th October 2009

Remember when you were at a fancy dinner party or fine dining establishment and just looked in awe at the presentation on your plate? I have even seen people take pictures of their plate in restaurants.
Yes, there is a science to presenting your dish and I have spent years perfecting this art. All you have to do is use the face of a clock as your guide on the plate.
Say you have prepared dinner of a roast chicken, potatoes two ways (roasted and mashed) three vegs (peas, yellow beans and a red onion). To plate this make segments from 1:00 to 7:00, then work hour by hour to place a different food item in each section. Look at textures and place soft next to crisp and remember to use the entire plate instead of placing all your food in the centre of the plate.

Photo of Paul Jobin
About Paul Jobin: Well-known New Zealand food writer and chef, Paul Jobin, is enthusiastically supporting the campaign and especially encourages people to enter those much-loved recipes that have been in families for generations.

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