Paul's duck breast recipe

25th September 2009

Greetings fellow food lovers.

Looking at the votes for the top two recipes, I thought it my duty to try the recipes and see what all the excitement is about.

Visit Kristie's Choc Passionfruit Cake and Ange's Orange Choc Cake to see what I think.

I would really love to see several seasonal and or regional dishes around our New Zealand heritage. Can we please have a main course of Central Otago lamb? Asparagus season is upon us. Who has a fantastic dish that features this or other seasonal vegetables?

Well, I must say that I am thrilled that we have so many recipes on the site, but I am still looking out for several more savoury and main course dishes. As per my message last week and to provide additional inspiration, I have provided a really easy duck dish. Although you can’t vote for this one, I urge you to try it.

Duck breast with crushed potato and avocado

Serves 4

Paul’s spice mixture from 'a pinch of salt' cookbook
4 duck breasts, fat scored
3 potatoes, peeled, cooked & smashed
1 avocado, peeled and diced
1 lemon, juiced
1 Tbsp dijon mustard
1 handful chives, finely sliced
¼ cup macadamia nuts, toasted and crushed
½ cup vinaigrette dressing
1 large handful baby rocket leaves
¼ cup vinaigrette dressing

Pat dry the duck breasts and season all over with the spice mixture.
In a large frypan, spray a little oil and place the duck breasts skin side down, turn to medium heat and allow the fat under the skin to render and turn a golden brown. The fat layer will shrink during this process. Flip over to seal for 2 minutes then rest on a cooling rack for 5 minutes.
In a mixing bowl, toss the warm potato pieces with the avocado, lemon, mustard, chives and macadamia nuts. Stir through the ½ cup vinaigrette to combine together.
Place the crushed potato and avocado in a mound on warm plates, place over sliced duck, top with a baby rocket and dress with the remaining vinaigrette.

I am looking forward to seeing even more recipes on the site next week. Thanks to all those who have entered and voted.

Happy cooking,

Paul Jobin

Photo of Paul Jobin
About Paul Jobin: Well-known New Zealand food writer and chef, Paul Jobin, is enthusiastically supporting the campaign and especially encourages people to enter those much-loved recipes that have been in families for generations.

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