I'm inspired.......to cook duck.

18th September 2009

While cycling home late last night after doing restaurant service at The Culinary Institute of New Zealand in Waipapa, I dreamed about cooking duck. Strange, you may wonder where this thought came from. My inspiration comes from reading, eating, wondering why a recipe is prepared a certain way and changing it to my taste and always searching for new ideas in interesting places. Hence, the duck thought in the middle of a long dark road in the middle of the night. When I arrived home, I wrote that I would prepare a duck dish this weekend. I will share the results with you in the next newsletter.

I want you to be inspired too! Take a look at all the new recipes on the site and try to make some of these wonderful dishes. We have entered a lot of desserts and I urge you to enter other recipes for the other categories.

I am enjoying reading the comments that some of you have made on the recipes including Kristie’s Ultimate White Choc Passionfruit Mudcake, The Best Cake In The Word and John’s Ultimate Protein Post Workout Shake. Most comments are very positive with remarks about how tasty the final product is. While others have asked questions about an ingredient or how the recipe is prepared, and some even comment that they prefer a different taste! It shows you that often food is subjective!

Still setting the standard for presentations in the Summer Ragga-Muffins recipe who have submitted a YouTube video of how you make the muffins. I am told the video and song has even made the charts at a local Dunedin radio station. Who else will submit a video in preparing their dish?

Happy cooking! PJ

PS – Look out for my column this weekend in Detours Magazine in The Herald On Sunday about this website

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About Paul Jobin: Well-known New Zealand food writer and chef, Paul Jobin, is enthusiastically supporting the campaign and especially encourages people to enter those much-loved recipes that have been in families for generations.

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